Autumn Is Singing In The Hills

Poem By Alison Cassidy

Autumn is singing in the hills,
Sunshine is laughing on the breeze,
Red leaves are dancing from the eaves,
Wood-smoke is ribboning the trees.

Autumn is singing in the hills.
Pale moths are speckling the light,
Moonshine is silvering the night,
Two hearts are purring with delight.

Comments about Autumn Is Singing In The Hills

A very beautifully woven piece and a great structure that lends itself to your joyful words. Happy Christmas, Andrew xx
This is absolutely beautiful, i loved the vivid imagery and personification of colour, sight, sound.
Great poem...I loved the way you personified autumn...nice touch. You kept it short and still captured autumn at its finest. Top marks! -Michael
This is a spectacular and irresistible anthem of Autumn and love, Allie! ! I got the urge to get the guitar out as I was reading this.! ! I can see the red leaves and the smoke 'ribboning' away and can't help but feel the happiness you've brought to these eight simple but perfectly formed and combined lines. First rate. xxx jim
Allie, this poem fairly sings! There is something magical about Autumn; you remind us why. I love the construction of this piece as well as the evocative imagery. Thank you! Esther : ]

4,5 out of 5
10 total ratings

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