Autumn Love

In the springtime of my youth
A boy I once did love
Although he promised not a thing
No moon, no stars above

But my affection held him tight
Though my heart he bruised
Ore the years becoming numb
And lonely and abused

Through the Summer of my years
I held on firm and fast
My love would win his heart I knew
My reward was everlast

Children did I give to him
But still no love he vowed
No tender words would salve my soul
No kiss upon my brow

Then in the autumn of my life
My heart would beat no more
Bound and frozen in my chest
I turned and closed that door

In that same autumn of my days
Though the nights seemed long
I met a man who loved my heart
And warmed it with his song

He held me in his arms at night
Sweet kiss upon my head
And vowed his love would never stray
If he I would but wed

And as the bindings fell away
My heart began to beat
He placed a ring upon my hand
Now I am his, complete.

by Cathy Jackson

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Very nice poem.Thank You.