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Autumn Months
SM (June 1941, Cancer / Egypt)

Autumn Months

The lovely pretty autumn months
without fanfare have arrived
Announcing marvelous new season
The sunny autumn will be coming
crowned with greatest splendor
when nature splashes its beauty
like bride at her wedding night
The colorful joyful foliage
will be in panoramic display
There will be some sad trees
shedding their crisp leaves
like hot tears saying farewell to
the summer months that ran away
it is the ever year life cycle
of days, months and seasons
they revolve like a carousel
in a crowded amusement park
We are all going for a ride
in an eternal mystery journey
through the caravan of years

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Comments (3)

it is the year life cycle....... yes eternal truth.... seasons do change but do we? ....10 so i wrote I m disgrace....read n comment
i find it interesting joyful
Very nice write and colorfull as you can see the hues of autum afar..... Bonnie