From my eyes
Flown uncontrollable tears
Both within and without
My tears
Flowing like a river.

Back to the land of my ignored pains
You’ve taken me
You’ve drawn waters
From my helpless eyes
God please come to my rescue.

It hurts to remember
The unexplainable loss
God please give me answer
The help of the helpless
And the one who sticks closer than a brother.

The healed wound has been reopened
God I can’t handle this
Please I need your strength
My strength is exhausted
Please come be my strength.

In the absence of your strength
My collapse is inevitable
My inner strength
Can take me no further
Please come be my strength.

My tears
Have become my words
My eyes
Have become my lips
Can take it no more.

The white balls
Have become red
The strong man
Have become the opposite
His courage can’t take him further.

God, give me an answer
Make the weak man strong again
Strengthen the weak heart
Make the heart strong again
In multiple of the initial.

Wipe off the unending tears
Heal the reopened wound again
Strengthen the weak heart again
Restore the loss again
Fill the heart with joy again.

by Bamisaye Adeniran

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" This poem is so good"
This is a very romantic poem
it is nice i wanted a poem not song
Good but I want a poem not a song
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