Autumn’s Dance

Poem By Angelina Pandian

The leaves were slowly falling
So very slowly and dropping
Ever so gently like a butterfly
Which glides and is also seen flirting,
The gentle breeze now awake
Sets the leaves in a twirl of dance
So capricious like our minds
So full of sudden fancy
The breeze shakes them in frenzy
Gliding, flying and fluttering
Blown up, coming down in confusion
The breeze, spent, now rests
The leaves are now again slowly falling!

Comments about Autumn’s Dance

Excellent dance for the coming Winter!
Lovely autumn poem dancing leaves such a wonderful time of the year as you have constructed in superb imagery thanks+++++10 regards
This is poetry in motion. I love the way you have written this. I could see those leaves being butterflies.
nicely written, makes me miss summer already
To me this poem depicts a very minute sense of observation of the poet. All of us must have watched this happening some time or other. But, dear, it was you who scripted it so beautifully. I must say, you are a very keen observer, angel!

Rating Card

4,9 out of 5
6 total ratings

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