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Autumn's Song

A change of season is drawing near.
Scented hay perfumes the air.
Green grass slowly turns to brown.
Fallen leaf's canvas the ground.

Sly old blackbirds have made a return.
Bluebirds fly south for tropical fun.
Warm summer skies now turn grey.
Long casting shadows dance and play.

A chill decends from some other place.
Chapped lips on a shivering face.
Unpack your coat and longer wear.
Find those gloves and make a pair.

Take a slow walk and breathe it all in.
Walk with a loved one or maybe a friend.
It's here for a bit and it won't stay long.
Now your ready for Autumn's Song.

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Comments (4)

Got love that autumn. Its so inspiring to write. Inspiring to live really. So many great hings come from autumn
that was beautiful! i live in new hampshire so i truly love the Autumn season keep it up you truly have a gift ~Britt
I love to watch and enjoy nature.... Like a little girl exhibiting her different frocks, seasons come and go. I like this poem. Anjana
A lovely write Steve, anything to do with nature is my cup of tea. It flows really well too. Loved it. Love Ernestine XXX