Autumn - Simple Pleasures

Welcome are your cool embraces
Fond farewell to summer's traces
Country drives to scenic places
Painted trees with fiery faces
Longer strides at brisker paces. It feels good to be alive! Children in their proper places
School supplies and new shoelaces
Flying kites in open spaces
Pumpkins carved with scary faces
Wish lists stored in secret places,
Counting the days till winter Tawny autumn's sultry spell
County fairs we love so well
Handmade quilts displayed with pride
Carousel and Ferris rides,
"Try your luck and win a prize!"
Maple syrup, homemade pies
Produce, livestock, lots of flies,
Fiddlers plucking, babies napping
Picnics under azure skies,
Simple pleasures, simpler times.

by Devorah Seidenfeld

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This is such a beautiful, well written poem!