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Autumn Slipping Away
AR (3-2-1945 / California)

Autumn Slipping Away

At daybreak the robins sing
A nightingale cajoled a minor imitation
Of their morning prayer

A wisp of wind swishing through the pines
Combing a powdered sugar low hanging fog
Of its moisture

Coalesced beads of dew dappled the tips
Of straining tomato plants
Whose thirst was now satisfied

Creeping up the hillside
A yellow mustard sphere
Calls out a rainbow curtain of light
A tenuous yawn of Autumn drifting away

Bare branches bore stick figure shadows on my face
The sun caressed my skin
Like honey dripping off a spoon
The sweetness of yesterday
Sneaks past the quiet sky
Paint brushed clouds are smeared across the horizon
With no particular place to go

In the backdropp are quaint memories of days past
An American flag waves at hovering hummingbirds
A yellow dog speaks in monotone barks but no one pays any mind
I rest my nubby grey chin on a clenched fist
Daydreaming in a slow motion slideshow
As time spins on the face of the clock

Now rendering the spoils of autumn
It had its moments, but too few to mention
Heat waves and scorching sun
No longer chase my sinewy shadow
Time stands still for no one
And Autumn slowly drifts away

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