I don't want this to be the case
When your not here I'm out of place
I hear your name my heart it race
I get a text I instantly miss your face

How am I to go on this way
Missing, thinking of you everyday
Having no one next to me lay
Each night alone no lovers play

I don't want this to be the case
I hear a song and miss those days
I can't believe this walking by your place
You let me go, me you've replaced

I search for you without a trace
No calls no texts no waiting at my place
No I love you's no I miss your face
Out of my life so easily I have been erased

by Your Pusha

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This poem is nice
This poem is good
Fuck you all Bitch
The last two lines are very touching!
Like a joy on the heart of a sorrow, ... To my heart in the voice of the wind: My heart is weary and sad and alone,
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