Autumn Sun

The Autumn Sun is shining, and the people come out to play,
But this is just a silver linng, to the world that they dont display,
A world of sadness and sorrow, where people go out to die,
We always look at tomorrow, When really today is a lie.

The Autumn Sun is hiding, and the clouds drift overhead,
But there's no-one to confide in, they've all left you for dead,
Why can't we see these lies, this world has got so hollow,
It's time to say my goodbyes, Live for today not tomorrow.

The Autumn Sun is dying, and the colour has all been drained,
Everybody's been lying, All the truth has been stained,
This all comes as no surprise, can't believe we've been mislead,
Now we finally realise, Our hopes are filled with dread.

I just wanted out of this,
Why can't your eyes meet mine?
Some say ignorance is bliss,
But your sun will never shine...

by Josie Young

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Wow, fantastic poem....very truthful, and therefore moving, wow