NL (1930 / Vietnam)

Autumn Vestiges

This morning, I feel the cold of the breeze:
Autumn has returned! -of which are you aware?
In the mellowing sun, my soul senses sadness,
My heart grieves, seeing the clouds err everywhere.

I suddenly remember an old fall in DaLat:
The misty pall over the Lam-Vien pines- what décor!
The mimosa buds resembling drops of tears;
The ripples stirring the green lake shore...

I have not enjoyed an autumn in Hue:
The dreamy city cradling the primal palaces so rife.
Whose city... why too many sunny days and rains?
How I wish I could visit it once in my life!

I also was told of the fall in Ha-Noi
When the cold wind brings back regret for history,
The dead leaves landing on the desolate streets,
And the Lang-Bac Lake keeping its mystery.

Well, I have so far traveled nine autumns alone;
The foliage abroad here turned red and gold,
But within me so many souvenirs grew withered:
What nostalgia for our far-away country of old!

As you know, I have waited, so many eves,
For a fall, together we pick up yellow leaves...

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