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Autumn Wind
DG (November 21,1985 - July 29,2037 / Escanaba)

Autumn Wind

(an experimental poem)

autumn wind.
Cracking trunks washing all away.
Empty Gravestones, cold as felt so Lonely.
Cold Jagged Nameless and Desolate
Consumes what remains... black
stand crooked on inside my Tomb and branches.
Waves crash Forgotten.
Numb lifeless trees beneath, Corpes Rotting, Rain Falling.
I've never God...
the One
Left black
stand crooked on us.
a sea
Prosthetic Limbs
Rotting Sand and Stone.
Etombed remains... Grey Skies, Endless, Jagged Nameless Forgotten.
Numb lifeless trees the Highway. Flesh...
onto land, Violently Bleeding,
Cephalic matter scattered
upon onto land, Violently and branches.
Waves crash Sand and Stone.
Etombed sway sluggishly in sway sluggishly in Grey Skies, Endless, Rain Falling.
I've never Broken Skull, Dead Night

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