Such a beautiful day,
For an Autumn display.
With the leaves on the trees,
Being color kissed.
And observing Summer float away,
As Fall celebrates...
A season that comes,
Creating this Autumnistic shift!

And the Sun slowly sets,
Upon this day, October 26th.
Bringing with it oranges and yellows...
With tints of browns in the mix.

To sit and witness it feels like bliss.
Knowing the holidays soon will come to visit.
And even in this reminiscing done...
I welcome it as a new arrival,
Fresh like no other one.

And hoping others have discovered,
Times like these to unwind.
From a restlessness,
That is resisted...
To just sit and ease their minds.

And allow this Autumnistic magic that appears...
Clear them from any conflict.
To sit and witness the wonder of it!
As it teases slowly to quickly disappear.
To become left undressed!
And prepared for the coating of Winter snow,
That nears.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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