Available Opportunities

Being prepared,
To recognize opportunities.
Is much more effective,
Than awaiting for them to exist.
And be given.
When those unfamiliar,
With it known what it takes...
To create opportunities for themselves.
Especially the ones with kept beliefs,
They should be notified whenever...
An opportunity created,
For them has been completed.
And they should take advantaged of it,
Upon its release.

To anyone unprepared.
Or knows what it takes,
To stay motivated and disciplined.
An opportunity that knocks on their door,
Would not be known to recognize.
Since its appearance had not yet been,
Advertised on TV to be seen.
And without having initiative,
Or curiosity to explore.
Available opportunities seldom sit around,
Awaiting to be asked to identify themselves.
Or remain to stay begging to be recognized.
In a Universe...
And on this Earth.
That does not provide,
An alternate reality to validate.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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