Ave Maria - Rosa Mystica

O lady they write about roses in song, in poetry, music and art
But there's one fragrant rose that they know not about
The rose who is queen of my heart
Innocent and untouched you were chosen by God
To enclose in your womb his own son
For from all Adam's daughters no other was found that could give him
pure love but this one
Though a sister and mother to many through love
No creature but him came from you
For purity it was the dress that you wore, virginity your own virtue

In these times when e'er priests have despised this great wealth
As they seek once again poisoned fruit
We will hold up your beauty for all eyes to see
Chaste love in our hearts will take root

So mother, cultivate all your virtues in us
For your children have known bitter blows
Make us blossom and grow in earth's garden for God
And for you, our sweet mystical rose.

by Frances Anne Doogan

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