Average Joe

i 'aint no jesus or cool hand luke
i'm taking what's mine regardless or rebuke
you can get in my way if that's what you need
but i guarantee you're gonna bleed

turn the other cheek go kiss my ass
you'll feel these knuckles made of brass
not a saint don't pretend to be
so don't ever think 'bout messing with me

i mind my own business but won't take shit
wanna go toe to toe i'm down with it
grew up on the street learned how to fight
took many a blow but got up alright

i'm no angel i have done bad
when i was drunk and being a lad
i do try to help though and play my part
and everyone say's i have a good heart

at the end of the day just an average joe
got child support, x wives, all that you know
just want to chill and be left alone
don't hold no grudges or pick the bone

but you get in my face again and again
i try to keep cool, try to refrain
but one day soon you'll push me too far
and when you do you'll carry the scar
//this poem may contain copying errors

by John Fenton Mcleish

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