Avoiding The Truth

Those possessing obsessive egos,
Have begun to pollute climates...
Everywhere to appear,
Choking the life out of the atmosphere.

And many still choose avoiding the truth,
At all cost at the expensive loss...
To the integrity of humanity.
Or what is left of it with faith to keep.

The effect of greed continues to leave,
A deficit that continues to dip...
Well below life once prioritized,
To value it as a blessing to keep precious.

Without greed to obtain to worship more to get,
Reality as most know it...
Wouldn't be a series of conflicts,
Started anywhere to declare ownership.

Without greed to obtain, sustained to maintain,
Few would be on their knees...
Professing beliefs in God to confess,
More of it is wanted...
To impress other obsessive egos with it.

Our children are watching.
Speeding ahead a clock still ticks.
Avoiding the truth further becomes distanced.
To leave a future in question.
Or anyone left to witness it exist.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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