2018 Life Is Both Sides Of The Same Coin!

According to me the year 2018 has both sides of a coin,
Both joy and sorrow, love and hate and above all life
And death too unforgettable in my life so to say sure!

We have toured to beautiful seashore places in the South
And also witnessed strongest storm also in the South..;
We had loving time and also tragedy very soon in my life!

Life and death are two sides of the same coin this year
2018 has taught me real lesson I cannot forget forever
As death of my wife and my birthday fell on the same day!

How can both these things be digested by anyone ever....?
Yet, life goes on as usual whether we are happy or in grief;
This is the nature of human life in the world this year says!

Day and night make a day, life and death make one's life;
This oxymoron life is like both side of the same coin ever!

by Ramesh T A

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