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Her heart pounds slowly and carefully,
not wanting to make a single noise.
She lays in fear of what is to come.
Her future is waiting,
and her past dissipating.
She reaches, searching the dark.
But she is alone, and left to lay afraid while
gasping for words that could save her soul.
She begs and pleads but the demons won’t set her free.
They’ve captured her now in the glory of all her tales.
Her tears dangerously flood,
and her screams rattle the thin air.
The walls seem to be caving in,
but her lies wont save her this time.
She sits in obedience, listening to the whispers cry on.
She fears the worst,
but knows her curse.
The clock ticks minute to minute, hour to hour,
awaiting the sun through that lone barred (chained) window.
Her eyes flitter, her body twitches as she itches with anticipation.
Her breath quickens,
as it begins to deepen.
Confused and dazed she sits up without a stutter.
Startled by her own gasp she runs her hands along the bed,
and her fingers through her hair.
She scans the dark room searching for evidence of reality.
But that lone window catches her eye
and she realizes it was nothing but a dream.
She sits staring into the darkness,
wondering if one day she’ll open her eyes to see the walls caving in,
and realize it’s not a dream this time.

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hope no such dream turn into a reality...a nice expression of FEAR of the sub conscious mind...