'Awake! '

Poem By Macy (Nina) Dvirnak

God said, 'serve',
But I chose to run.

God said, 'stop! ',
But I was having too much fun.

Then God said, 'come! ',
And willingly, I came.

Soon after that,
My life began to change -

God said 'give',
But I said 'get'

God said 'live',
But my path lead to death.

God said 'Listen! '
'And My laws, do abide.',
But I didn't hear Him,
For my heart was too full of pride.

But then I heard a story,
Of how Jesus died for me.

I learned that He served,
He listened,
And gave up all,
So we could have life,
And have it more abundantly.

I discovered that God had a calling
Upon my life,
And that He,
Had plans to prosper me,
And not to harm me -
Plans to give me a hope, and a future.

I found out that all have sinned,
And fallen short
Of the glory of God.

That meant I, too
Was a sinner,
And my soul was hell bent!

If I wanted to be in Heaven
With God when I died,
I needed to believe -

That Jesus is God in the Flesh,
He is the Messiah,
He is God's Son,
The perfect and spotless one,
The Way, the Truth, the life -
The atonement and sacrifice
To save my soul.

I needed to relize
That for forgiveness of my sin,
Jesus had to be crucified,
Hung on a tree, and left to die.

I Must confess with my mouth
That Jesus is Lord,
And that He died,
That He was Buried,
And on the third day,
Jesus rose and conquered the grave!

So, What could I do? ,
But repent
And ask Jesus to be
Lord of my life.

I knew I must surrender all,
So with reckless abandon,
I did.

I know I must answer the call,
To let all
People know
Of Jesus' sacrifice,
Which is the purchase of their soul
Back from sin and spiritual death.

There is is a reward in heaven,
For what is given up now,
To surrender your life to Jesus.

Take up your cross daily,
And follow Him,
For he is Saviour of our soul!

And what ever be left
Here to rot and mold,
Will be replaced anew.
T'will be your reward in Heaven,
Manifested tenfold!

But when you meet Jesus in Heaven,
T'will be brighter than the sun!

He will look you in the eye
To tell you,
'My servant, well done! '

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