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Awake - Our Dreams

Awake - Our Dreams

There is this time and hours,
We all will come and dream;
And find the little flowers,
That seeds will give to stream.
It's deep within our own heart,
And bright like day in dawn;
From there our wisdom will start,
And all our freedom is drawn.

Oh give that dream more sun,
And playgrounds of the bright;
Let shadows be on the run,
And freedom come with its light.
Though all is still a dream,
It may never be forgotten;
For time will sometime deem,
The shallow dark and rotten.

Break down a shadowed wall,
To bring more sunshine in;
Rectitude to each man´s call,
And every dark corner win.
Our hands will build and make,
Freedom to touch the sky;
And every true dream awake,
That gives us the reasons why.

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