Awake Thou My Soul


Why yer have thou go nought O my soul.
Weary not, for thy hour has come.
That time to rejoice in thy grace.
kindred yourself from thy solely mood.
Merit in thee work of thy Creator.

The land is given to thee to grace.
The brook is for thee to refresh thy thirst.
And thy honey to quench thine hunger.
Rein thy mount like a spirited horse thy soul.
Rejoice in thee work of thy Creator.

O thou my soul, thy hour has cometh.
Away from sadness, flight from that sorrowful hour.
The music the nature play is twas enough to awake thy mind.
Merit in thee work of thy Creator.
Rejoice in thee work of thy Creator.

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Deep, but perfect Philosophical..though I might have to read two more times, the epitome is perfect and Just as the world is as is making our lives. Thank you Poet. - Siddartha M,10+++

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