SA (24th June / Uganda)

Awake To Work


Evenings of Laziness
It's a morning of strength
With the pride of my hands
Smiles on my hope
And joy to my prayers
Hello long held poverty
Greetings from the mind
Your days are out, so rest in Pieces

A lot conceived
By the mind and friends
A lot to be done
Money could be a limit
But hope will overtake
Via roads of effort

Drops of sweat
Count notes of money
An hour away
From gossip and sleep
Is a seed sowed
If spent so well
Is a step ahead
And a chain broken
Away from poverty

God is so wise
Fair and nice
Gave each one minds
And brains to each
Sits behind to watch
Those who think and float
Working day and night
As others keep tacked
In wishes and sleep
For rains of money
Fearing cats and dogs
For bringing too cold mornings
To go out and work

Success the house
With walls of hard work
Not hard core this time
Plus barbs from laziness
A chain-link from sleep
To keep the lazy away

A rich man's bed
Always looks new
Clean and feels cold
A poor man's bed
Warm like a camp fire
Old beyond age
With bedbugs of poverty
Feeding on their master

by Sentamu Aziz

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