Awaken From A Trance

Powder of confusion falls from the sky
Falling like a rain shower on a cold day

So much haze has filled the air
The powder comes closer into my eyes

My mind begins to lose everything it once had
My memory begins to fade

As the powder begins to affect my mind my heart cries
Can I ever ask it to beat for me in my time of need again

My last thoughts went to my horrified heart
I want it to know that I am always there

As I start to fall unconscious I beg for forgiveness
Tears from my heart stop falling at last

The sun arises from where it has been trapped
My heart beats and I can see clearly again

Life has been restored in me for once
I never want to go to falling under a terrible trance again

I can understand why my heart was terrified
I know it wouldn't want to lose its best friend

I wouldn't want to lose my close friend either
As far as I'm concerned
I'm the only friend my heart has ever had

by Sarah Pesta

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