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Early Morn Has shattered my peace.
In a mixed up self-renewing world called mine.
People awaken, to bark aloud their routine lives.
With virtuous and continuous compromise.
Of good not done, the love not given, and unused time.

To the sure extinction that we travel to
My eyes now so wide open they hurt.
Alone, wrapped inside my thoughts
Far away into the windows of my mind
I search for the answers to questions never asked.

Always trying too hard to be
what you think I should be.
I will never be any more perfection than there is now.
Life becomes hard when you are lucky.
You have the forte to overcome anything!

Granting lifelines and will keep going.
All that it ever was. I fret.
Perhaps how things will develop with you drifting
Somewhere between now and then.
Confined to what you are expected to be?

Moving away from childishness behind you,
Yet still far from being old.
This is the fate so radiant in this final fight.
Together so distinct and obvious.
In our mind seeds have been sown, the past holds no lies.
Just when I gave up I came alive.

My luck has made me who I am.
Journeys to the land of no more doubts.
Dissolves the barriers between distance and time.
And I will decide who I'll become.
It's the beginning of the rest of my life.

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