Lightening spears the Earth,
Thunder echoes with a blast,
And my feet, touching Earth,
Feel her quivering response.
The awesome moment
Shakes Earths stability,
And I wonder if
She doubts herself.
The blast of Universal power
Speaks with an ancient voice,
Uttering words we do not know,
Commands we do not comprehend.
Attentive at last,
We listen,
Hoping to understand, grasp,
Something we cannot control.
In that brief moment
(Or was it an eon?),
The ancient, Primordial voice
Demanded Earth's respect.
With majestic indifference,
The voice spoke a Truth.
Earth heard, responded,
And could never be the same.
Was it a birth or a death?
A beginning or an ending?
Did a great one appear?
Was a sage reclaimed?
Vast with Implication,
Void of any meaning,
Beyond our pseudo reality,
The power of the voice was Real.

by Kathlyn L. Kingdon

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