Awakening Has Begun

Poem By Alison Smith

There is a rumbling below the ground
Only a few know what waits here
The awakening has begun
There is movement, there is understanding.

An eye opens wide
A nostril flares and senses
Limbs slowly stretch
A glow gradually moves across the skin.

Those who know feel a great gladness
They commence the gathering for the meeting
Minds are abuzz with questions
Hearts beat faster with the awareness of the delights.

The awakening is very gradual
There will be time to alert even more
The news of the immanent arrival can spread
Many more will feel the excitement.

As the energy and excitement grows
So does the strength of that which awakens
For the power of all fuels the awakening.
Now both eyes open wide.

The touch, the taste, the yearning
The desire, the ideal, the search
These are but a few feelings felt
As the intensity is magnified….

Comments about Awakening Has Begun

Great poem you got here Alison... thanx for sharing and keep them coming **koni**

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