Awakening Of Life

Poem By Andrew Phillips

Rebirth of thought, that
Riveting time when
All the ideas
___you never got
Come in full view. No fog
Fogging your mind.
___you reach to______(get a clue)
Get the answers to
Force real life into
Making sense in your
Mind numbed by the
Life you once lived.

Riveting indeed,
___your retrieval
Of what was once
Owned, yet given up with
Hands up, yelling,
____Take Me In
Yet It's all
___you ever
Need. Now finally
You get it.

What a riveting time
With a tear in
His eye.

Comments about Awakening Of Life

hello i'm a poem newbie so i know little about the whole thing. could you explain to me what the lines in your poem are for? thanks.
Hey everybody. I've been getting about ten hits a day on this poem since I posted it and noone has commented on it, which is funny considering I felt this wasn't a very strong poem. So if you could comment on if you like it (or not) or rate it, it would be very much appreciated. Thanks for reading, Andrew P.

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