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Awakening To The Sad Reality

When i wake up from the sweetness of dreams
my head still flows down my pillow's gentle stream
and for just a short time everything seems
...just wonderful.
Then the world awakens me
ever so gracefully,
and like a pear from a tree
i fall back to reality,
into a world
of nightmares,
nightmares that don't go,
nightmares that i know
just won't go.

Theres a strange man in the park
hiding in the shadow's dark
seeking out his prey
when the day fades away.
Theres a conflict in a distant land
where the green grass is yellow sand
they are fighting for wealth and oil
or perhaps just one man's bountiful spoil
The torment within is getting deep
i just want to drift back off to sleep.

Theres a man strolling from door to door
trying to raise some money for the poor,
he will no doubt make a small difference
but will not solve a lot in the long distance.
Theres a small protest in the city hall
about the unjust outcome of the economic fall,
people left stranded with nothing at all,
they just stand crying, crying behind the ghetto walls.
the scars within are getting deep
I just want to dive back into sleep.

Theres a flood rushing from the western hills
caring not for the souls it kills
Theres a fire burning in the eastern forest
devouring the toiled farmers harvest.
The crazy husband has just murdered his wife
but denies his sanity with his life,
will spend time in jail for a couple of years
without the shedding of a single tear.
The pain has become too deep
so i close my eyes and drift gently back to sleep.

I rest my head upon my pillows gentle stream
and i drift back into the pleasant slumber
and i start to dream
and everything seems
...just wonderful.

by Allen Steble

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