Poem By A.J. McKinley

Dreams in yellow, blue, and red.
Wish fulfilled while solace dead.
Frozen memory on a gilded page.
Thoughtless sorrow defines this sage.
Soulless asylum from within I flee.
Infinitely searching for the shrouded me.
Emerging slightly from eyes wide shut.
Words like water flowing forever up.
To be awake, asleep, and cannot see.
Alive but dead; the darkness dreams.

Comments about Awakenings

Your choice of words is excellent leaving open alternatives or should I say a certain conflict between positives and negatives. I was reading about Robert Frost this morning and this poem seems to me to possess a certain ambivalent attitude as some of his poems do. You must have invested a lot of thought in this work. I am glad you didn't say 'red, white, and blue'. I did not see the film, 'Eyes Wide Open' so I do not know whether that would have added to more to explore.
awesome love the flow! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Lylyanna

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I am dreaming of the sea.
Of oceans of love to bind you with me.
Silent rocking of your tongue with mine.
Here in your arms, there is no time.

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Have you ever walked on a sea of sand?
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I am the creator who cannot find
The soul in which I burn
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If I were a rose and you were a leaf,
the thorns would not grow upon my tree.
You would bask in the glory of beauty spent.
Content to reside where my heart went.

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Through rainbow tears I see love's true colors
Shining bright amongst them above all others...
Red, Green, Yellow, violet and blue...
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