Poem By Bhaswat Chakraborty

I see
I hear
I intend
I extend

I see the seeing
I see the hearing
I see the intension
I see the extension

Life after life
I have lived
Without seeing I live
Deaths after death
I have died
Without seeing me dead

So have I traveled thus far
Without seeing the Path
So have I known the things thus far
Without knowing the Knowingness

Now if I see the Path
And know the Knowingness
Beyond the dying of death
And living of birth
Now if I see the Dance
With joy and compassion
With a heart of a friend

I also see this is because of my Guru.

Comments about Awareness

...having not perished...I thank my Guru 10+
great work. keep it up.
Very well written you did great.. laurel
Your poems are so deep but I think I get this, is it a reference to reincarnation and the fact that people don't generally remember their previous lives and your karma is increased each time you lead a good life? I like it.
nice message of the 'the truth'- the reality that 'man' is really looking yet not seeing, however the blindness does not mean 'death' or egnorance it is al about 'the journey towards knowing' through experiencing life and how to live it... i like it...keep the legacy of poetry.

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