Awareness (15)

Poem By Raquel Angel Nagler

Some nights
The buzzing in my eardrums breaks apart
Leaving in my room a sea of silence.
And I, an old ship,
I sail among the furniture
Returning to the ages that watered my mouth.


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Mad Mirrors - Part C (3)

QUOTE: 'Childhood is a land entirely independent of everything' -R.M. Rilke

Childhood is a land
In a continent of sadness.

Aged Mirrors (6)

Appeased evening.
On our table:
The bread of the angels.
The calm wheat.

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QUOTE: 'It is the task of the angels to consider life and death as one great whole' - R.M. Rilke

We live inside our body:
The sum of life and death.

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QUOTE: 'You'll never be impoverished. Life has immeasurable riches. So what is there for you to be afraid of? '- R.M. Rilke

I am afraid of everything:
Of the unknown that has yet no name,

Aged Mirrors (14)

My years grew old.
The only dream left
Is the dream of quiet:
The murmur on its calm wings.

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Our body: as old as our years.
We live our last life.
We die our last death.