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Awareness From Women Muahahahaa
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Awareness From Women Muahahahaa

Poem By ks13 sar

I was aware of all her sayings, the lies
I was aware of all her moves, the tries

She looks at me today
She looks at somebody else tomorrow
Nothing will be left for me or her
Apart from the pain and sorrow

Its easier for me because i am a man
i can understan'

But you being a woman
your past will remain
and yet you will have trouble to regain
your loss and gain'

I am a man i will move on
i am a man so 'i am strong'
i am a man 'i dont belong'
i am a man 'i own'

you are a woman
your past is eternal
you are even weaker external and internal
you are a woman, you belong...owned by somebody else

you are a women 'I OWNED'

you will be a woman 'PRE-OWNED'


By: Zaheer Abbas ;)

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