Torn away,
torn in two,
away from the sun,
here I lay.
Monsters creeping in the night,
creeping up and filled with fright,
they scare me away,
away into the dark woods of night.
Feet flying and fleeting,
voices crying and bleeting,
the remains of my soul,
tossed away into a deep, deep hole.
There's nowhere left to go,
to turn, to hide, to scream,
to get me away from it all.
Away from the sun, the world, the one I loved,
I stand here alone, waiting and pleading,
asking God, take me back, take me away,
take me somewhere far, far, away,
into once upon a time.
Once upon a time, away from the dark,
away from the ghouls and ghosts of my past,
back into the bright, the sight, the light.
Torn away,
here I lay, far, far, away.

by Seren dipitydyke

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