What I Want For This World (((As Horrible As It Might Sound)))

I want war to rage on all sides
I want people to die from the inside
I want leaders to fight in this war
And die hungry for power and shouting for more
I want whoever’s on top to fall to the floor
I want people to not help but completely ignore
I want every country to have no choice but to band together
I want nature to bring destruction with your morning weather
I want everyone to learn to eat the precious oil
Since it’s the cost of all this blood and toil
I want money to be burned for heat
And I want diamonds to utterly replace meat
I want everyone to not trust their allies
I want the stupid to become wise
I want the world to reach complete unity
I want everyone to join under “community”

I want the world to be destroyed
I want everyone to feel the pains, the aches
I want no one to be able to avoid
When the entire world learns from their mistakes

by Yaritza Florencio

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I love how he weaves back and forth in this!