CM (1/30/82 / baton rouge louisiana)

Away I Sail In These Forgotten Tears

Wind, water and the open sea I begin to spread my wings.
A desireable urge i have to see how far love travels.
I want to fly away as If I was a paper airplane.
Let the birds occupy this life I have change.
I am not a sailor but a drifter thru the waves.
I watch my reflection for days.
Sad, sad, sad I can't really say.
It strange when u want love but u don't.
The end of the earth though the world is round.
I sleep and dream of great memories in my past.
Death to this heart I believe love loses it's hand in these waters.
No pictures don't want to remeber make the pain deliver a blow.
I want no one to know if I die old and grey.
Swip up to shore please let me sink to the bottom of the ocean floor.
Giving the sea a healthy supply of tears.
My time grew near no fear I always wonder why I was here.
I say to long to long.
Away I sail in these forgotten tears.

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