Away To Me

Poem By Taylor Jones

Only in dreams can I feel such rapture,
But when I Awake my hope is captured.
Eternal sleep is my wish at night,
Because I want to be happy, I want to feel right.
They cannot restore the pain that I feel,
For I do love my dream world although its not real
Why can't it be real, why can't it be true?
Sanity in all is one point of view.
Reality is an opinion, a religion, a belief
But when i looked for it I found no releif.

Comments about Away To Me

There will I think perchance In an all uncertain morrow Be effervescent ending To excremental this Cold crass cutting wind Mothball moon faced sullen cloud Pernicious probing plastic fog This angled rasping rain But list' you not To any sage Writ wrinkled wisdom large On lifes loose leafed corner curled Spare sparse unwrit page There is no certain morrow With laughing suns promis'd rise If thou art yet living still Doth this perversion ever endeth Unrequieted loves lonesome piercing pain.
Awesome poem. You really have a great sense of how to express yourself in poetry

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