Away With Words! (Ten Small Rhymes)

We hide the things we want to say
and say things we don't mean
believing that the truth shines through,
our emptiness is seen.

boxes and boxes of stoneses and rockses
are all that's around me; I can't see the sky.
standing on ground uneven and craggy
makes me question my own alibi

a parcel placed on my doorstep
a package meant only for me
yet the thing is wrapped in clear plastic
which means all the world can see

you sit yourself behind a wall
created by your words.
I can not break this structure down
not with a thousand swords.

I sit here at this lonely road,
water pooling round my feet.
raindrops fall and thunder rolls;
I shiver yet retain my seat,
for if I were to up and walk,
my thoughts would fly away from me.
And it simply would not do
to lose their noble company

A little knife, a little key,
a little piece of cake for me.
A slice of life, forget the strife:
pour it out, count 1-2-3.
Bleeding lip, bleeding knee.
bleeding hearts no good for me.
Apples to apples and ducks to ducks,
build a bridge that meets the sea.

I mark a line, say, 'do not cross! '
but in my head I hope you do.
Your fear and apprehension lost,
a new conviction pushes through.

growling, growling at my door
the ghosts of those who came before
they moan and wail to no avail
for I cavort with them no more.
upon a time I spoke with them
they threw me out upon a whim
and now when they are all alone
they beg for me with chances slim.

the time has come!
the time to run!
out of the woods,
into the sun!
away from sadness,
dark, and glum!
away from fear
and into fun!

If Death should come,
I'd welcome him.
I'd make a pot of tea.
We sit and chat,
forget his work.
He would not capture me.

by Morgan Thompson

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