Poem Hunter
CC (05-28-62 / Dearborn Michigan)


I want to feel “awe.”
I love the feeling of “awe.”
I love that You are so big
And I am so small.
I love that You engulf me.
That somehow I am utterly significant,
Yet utterly insignificant
In the midst of Your Infinite Significance.
That my light, pure and beautiful as it is,
Is swallowed up in Your Indescribable Radiance.
That my heart soft and warm as a droplet of love
Is only a dropp in the ocean of Your Undulating Passion.
That when I raise my hands to worship You,
You are so there before me in that very moment
Yet, You are everywhere else at the same time.

You are so big that when I gaze at You,
You fill my vision, yet when you look at me,
I feel as though I am the only one You see,
Even while believing you see all of Your creation continuously.
How do You do it?
How do You make me feel like the most special thing You ever created?
And how can I believe I am,
Yet know, that each of us is Your most special creation?

I love that you are my Creator!
I love being the being You created.
Breathe on me and I will soak you in.
Like rays of the sun against my skin,
Is the warmth of Your Unending Love.

I am delighted that You are my Father!
I absolutely adore being Your daughter.
The pride in Your eyes says You are well pleased with me.
I embrace that pleasure, ,
Like the wondrous treasure it is.
I hold it close against my heart,
Until I feel it wrap itself around every part of me.
Soon Your pleasure becomes my only reality.
“My Daddy loves me! I am His girl! ” I say.
No one can ever take His love away.
Forever I will live in this state of bliss,
That comes from his pleasure, from knowing I’m His.
I may be so little, such a child, so small,
But my daddy is God.
I am in AWE!

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Comments (3)

I believe this may just be the finest single tribute to God by a single human being I have ever read. The reader is compelled to believe the writer. There is no guile in this piece of writing. That makes it a humbling and joyous experience for the reader and I can hear the Lord say now, 'This is my loving daughter, in whom I am well pleased '. Greenwolfe 1962
An interesting take, had me doing some thinking.
Wow, the was AWEsome! It brought tears. Thank you for posting.