Awesome Critic Who Does Not Know Love

A worshipper at the temple of earth,
save me. o God. life.
Did caleb a knowledge indulged.
The awful sickness, endless pedstal
The Hunger gem of kindness, as flowers came
He prayeth well, both tired and man.
and I in pettiness, handover to God.
The oneness with harmony of death,
a once simple nature
The interception of knowledge
a debt of disinterstedness,
the influence of prenticious virtues.
life can do man God.
Knowledge the only support
A bottomless precictament
To otherness of love not known
He prayeth who know not
The nature a bride of silence
The agony of God of passionate life;
sinking, sinking, hopeful modern writer
together with choosen, the voice of education
The popular critic, of full satisfaction.
singly feel, all the Home.
I see Gods, Gods of earth
to the Sons Of Soil.


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really a poignant write........................................i appreciate the style of writing.........thanks for sharing it with us.