Responding to the soul that seeks true Way
One sees shared light, delights that prayer, prey,
Occupy space better traced in play
Mending blending.

Whimsical the beat that spurns defeat
Impounding sounds still striving to complete
Timeless aspirations. Why compete?
Hands spread for giving.

Outcast is care as fair life’s future fare
Turnaround Cause and Effect prepare,
Dreams revive, alive, revile despair
Omens rough refelting.

Of night’s perils none remain despite
Regrets on others often lost when flight
Simpler seemed than search. Views flash insight
Rare, stop brash pretending.

One scent Life tracked is turning cold,
One more for you new cards could hold,
Maybe to free, in key, behold
Wor[l]dwide ranging.

In tandem totems false could be
Topsy-turvy turned, to see
Humanity, so much at sea,
Outreach beginning.

Unhestatingly this rhyme,
Tale tells to welcome well sublime
Drives out vainglory’s storied crime, -
One never-ending.

On thought-frame polychrome fair maid’s
Renaissance resonates as fades
Spineless cynicism’s spades
Restrictions ending.

Eyes again are open wide,
SPin from confusion, hope denied,
ONce more to core beliefs inside -
SEnd signals worth defending…

by Jonathan ROBIN

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'Room without doors Room without doors response' Awesome wordplay and poetry from start to finish Jonathan. It's always a challenge and a pleasure to dip into your goodie box! ! See you again soon. jim