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Edward Kofi Louis (13th October 1961 / Accra, GHANA)


Why should there be rich people in my country and,
The government still go begging?
Why should many people put on gold chain and,
Still say that they are hungry?
I do not understand it because,
I am Aya in the land of the poor.

Ten years of love and ten years after,
And of the governments begging left and right;
But if it looks like an apple and tastes like an apple then,
It is an apple!

Twenty years of love and twenty years after,
And my people are still hungry with gold chains around their necks!
I still do not understand it.

How long will you stay in poverty with these gold chains around you?
How long will you keep on begging with all these rich people around?
I still do not get it;
For many people are still sleeping under the bridges!
And their governments clam to have rule over them.

If it looks like a woman and performs like a woman then,
It is a woman!
For the blood has stopped and the soldiers are advancing in;
And i need a cover to safegard myself in this world.

I cannot count the stars in the heavens above,
But do give me some water to quench my thirst;
For i am from Ur with love and,
I am prepared to visit my people in the village of love.

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