FU (26th of august 1999 / Nigeria)


my one, my love, my all
for a long time, I wished for a today
the day our love will find its way
from my heart to your soul
the feeling so strong, it can't be controlled

Every moment, we spend together
will touch my life forever
the things we've shared and learned
is a permanent mark, that we have obtained
you are my fantasy
together we can rewrite our destiny

The person I've grown into today
did not get there by chance, no way
I am who I am, partly because of you
and you because of me too
you are always in my heart
am serious, its never an act

No matter what the future holds
no matter what were told
we're souly connected on mutual levels
that no one can remove not even the devil
I am in love with you,
are you in love with me?

you're tattooed into my heart
and nothing can tear us apart
I'll never forget you
my love is pure, honest and true
take my heart with you
I hope it stays with you

our feeling maybe different a year from now
but you're part of me somehow
I do I say I love you
cause I just said it, I love you
I care about you
and I want to be with you.

by favour ugwumba

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