(2nd July,1986 / Bahraich, India)

Azad College (Bahraich)

Some moments are coming from the throng,
Although I have left them far behind,
Yet with me, they will be life long,
Fresh in heart and engraved in my mind,
Whenever my eyes on the college cast,
I become a statue, caused by past.

Thy fence and field tell thy story,
But silent classes are like stopped waves,
Sometimes that would be the city’s glory,
Missing the teachers now who sleep in the graves,
O! Thy land is sky in the eyes of mine,
And the light of knowledge thy stars shine,

O my lovely college! O individual home!
Thou reside in my heart and I in thine,
The greatest place, thy mosque under the blue dome,
Where students and teachers stand in single line,
Ah! Thou robbed by thy own, thou lost,
The height of education of thy lovely past.

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