Poem Hunter
SL ( / Cincinnati, OH)


The innocuous soul answers with ripe disdain
Satiating the nerves of tampered youth
The childhood espionage that displaces vessels of circulation
Lacerations all over the ego and the circumference of the id
Full-fledged animalistic fundamentals run red a fever
Swarming the environs of irrepressible adolescent rage
Expiring in the eyes of dreamers and thinkers
Escorting the surrogate altruism to jeopardize the past
Given out by a porcine master who spares only the children
To retool the mule and cover more ground
Resenting the threshold, the unprotected voices roar
Idiopathic actuality resuscitates a fresh cocoon
Comforting the undesired feelings suppressed by a slogan world
Venting through the pipes of a once congested mind
Flows the azure gnawing of a wider wind
Blowing of the dust of labor and time wasted
Revealing a masterpiece to be expressed in a set of millions of words
A pair of directories to access both ventricles
Two valves to choose from to fill the bath water
Multifarious lights to illuminate a neo accent across the board
Only the birth of the voluptuous uncertainty will save us now
Enough dissent to turn a mighty tide of benevolent injunction

Mustered up from the depths of depravity comes another mantra
Reverberating down to the caverns of the fraught followers of mortals
Grouped together as merely more fish in the barrel; so many people left
Settling the score

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