(b) 2 (Pain/Longing) Foolish Heart

Something died today...
Hope of the heart?
Staring at me stark
Smile in the eye?
Song of the lark
Foolish heart

Body turned into stone
Ghosts dancing in a hush
Promising love will be atoned
Dont give up in a rush
Foolish Heart

She will rise, she will shine
Yet again, you will soon find
For she disguises
In her fragile exterior...
A will of iron
But a foolish heart

by Renu Rakheja a.k.a Tranquil Ocean

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My Response TO: Foolish Heart HOPE: it let’s the world survive; I would say hope never dies! Let hope stare at you stark, Or maybe just smile at you! You may call heart foolish, But please let the hope alive! You say a body turned into stone, Or seen ghosts dancing in hush. Love’s promising in harmony, I say! Love’s not poison, nor heart a felon; You rush, yet say this heart a foolish? My belief, she will again and again But, rise and shine – also forever! I know her disguises, just forever – Her fragile self is just a deceit! She has the will of iron, pity still – I wonder, why she says heart’s foolish.
let that iron flash R...let it reflect the light within...break the other iron...the iron chains...and enjoy the release...love...nalini
Well penned emotion of the heart. Beautiful
but a foolish heart. Look at me, maybe I'm suffering from your syndrome! you stole my words, but strung them into this precious poem, couldn't have been better! <> PS - I am off love poems. But could not help commenting for you took my words!