Béal Feirste Mo Chroí (Belfast, My Heart)

Béal Feirste Mo Chroí
Bin lid shattered to awake memories
Just skinny yellowdog picking through
Bones of the past, dead as a graveyard
Till nightfall, Falls Road barsandwires
Protecting politics
Will hold the desolate landscape together, of
Winos and the politically burned
Broken heartsandminds
We have murals to record the knives
Thrown into the backs of thepeople
O Béal Feirste Mo Chroí
Unquenchable spirit, but
The Milltown grass grows sparsely
Among the bRAve,
(and among the hardened ones)
Ghetto soot sparkles the streets
Liked crushed diamonds
The treasure
Of the dirtandthedole
Amid codes of ethics
Stronger than any god
Stronger than sashordrum
Strangely beautiful people
Passion unmatched
And windows donned
With lace curtains.

by Míchealín Daugherty

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