Bcan'T Conquer A Rock

Ye submit, how I tried to conquer,
By fate and yet vengeful force.
Every tactic of war known to practice,
Outwitted in painful discourse.

Tis' only through vanity and love,
Maybe one day she'd yield.
Perhaps maybe to devotion,
As the sweet apple to the peel.

Reconciled, defiled, affection then deceit,
Tis' only after each blow, to know where'd we meet.
Sanity in brief moments, hinted I should stop.
Tis' only Heaven or Hell, will conquer this Rock.

Reconclied, defiled, affection then deceit,
Tis'with each blow, I'd further know.
Never yielding nor retreat,
Hence my victory and defeat.

by Barry A. Lanier

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umm, english, please, couldnt read much of it, and this 'revival' thing, no thanks, ill live as i do