CS (19-06-1969 / Adelaide - Australia)

B Is For Brother

B Is for brother and for best friend.
Is for B.M.X. bike.
Is for Blue fiberglass skateboard with fat red wheels.
Is for Beautiful memories shared with you - full of laughter,
smiles, and fun.
Is for Big sister - you gave me a place - and a reason - times shared with you when we were kids, are the moments I recall feelings of comfort and happiness.

R Is for roller-skates - the ones we strapped onto our shoes and would skate the steep descent to the bottom of our road.
Is for the railway line that seemed to have a mysterious attraction for every kid in the neighbourhood.
Is for the Richman family, who lived directly across the road, and will always -
Be remembered with respect.

O Is for the obstacles we have overcome through our ongoing commitment and loyalty toward our friendship.
Is for the oxygen that we must of used up over the endless nights when we have been awake, dancing until the morning sun begins a new day.

TIs for trust! - The journey we have shared together firstly as family and also as friends, has been capable of its permanence through the value of trust.
Is for tunes - each new melody you create is an extraordinary talent you have been blessed with, and one that I truly admire.
Is for thank you - for the gift of your music, which allows me to take each journey with you.

HIs for honesty - happiness - and hugs - my cherished feelings and so many emotions are held within special times I have shared alongside those few familiar faces - one of those few is you!
Is for the hike you and Christopher took us on in South Africa that I will never forget but happily remember with a smile.

EIs for ever - I have little faith in the word forever - my promise to you, is my love and my loyalty for a lifetime, not only as your sister, but also as your friend.
Is for - well do I need to explain what E is for.
Is for each and every experience, that will remain in our hearts for eternity.

RIs for remember - we have so many memories that belong to both of us which contain moments that can never be replaced.I feel gifted to hold the key -
"The key to our secret garden in which we will sit and laugh, talking and smiling as we think of our past."

January 15th 2006

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Charmaine, a wonderful tribute poem. It brought back some memories as well, especially the part about strapping on those roller skates... I wonder if they still make them like that? Anyway, great poem! ! Brian