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The Hunter And The Hunted

He has stalked her
For two days straight
Evaded him at every turn she has.
She is nobility in these lands,
They are her home;
She can hide her presence well
Lest her prey sense her and flee
Before she rang their death knell.

But today its different;
For hunted is she.
This feeling id different,
The dread is plain to see-
Angry and Scared
She has outwitted many a prey,
But cannot out wit this foe.
Her spotted skin hides her well,
But her fear continues to grow.

This foe is hairless,
Neither fanged nor clawed,
His scent is vile
And he has done this before.
They crossed paths when she took a hapless goat,
But cannot fathom why he hunts her
for she is no goat.
Close if she could get
She would tear him apart
But for that infernal sound form his flying stick
Took her little ones heart.

The rains had spared her life,
They covered her scent.
The accursed sun has dried the land
And shines her tracks to her end.
A good day to hunt by the river it would have been.
But he is near and yet too far for an ambush
He treads softly with his sharpened branch,
But she can hear him clearly.
She sees an opening and makes for it.
Scared and angry.

Twang! there's that infernal sound
Ah! the screeching pain; it has caught her leg
She changes direction'
Twang! it misses her
She won't last much more.
Pain and exhaustion frustrates her even more
She roars and bares her teeth at this ape
Scared and angry
She sees her hunter and is blind with rage

Her bloodied leg forces her to sit
And in all her majesty she accepts her defeat.
Alone she has been and alone she will go,
But she will ensure her hunter will remember
That she was a fearless and wild foe.

She is nobility in these lands,
A great Leopard is she
Who charges with all her might
And leaps on to her hunter's shiny tipped tree.
A flash of fear courses through his eyes
As he finds himself beneath her where he should be.
She buries her fangs wherever she finds.
His blood is rank, his meat is foul
Apes never taste good, but its too late now.
His stick has gone through her
She has lost too much blood.
Exhaustion takes over.

She releases her hunter
And lets out a roar
He pulls out a shiny fang
And deals the final blow.
With her last breaths
She smells his fear-
He will survive,
But he will be a hunter no more.

by taha contractor

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