Bmy Canoochee

It winds and it weaves,
Under cool summer leaves.
Dew drops falling gently,
Yielding their wake.

Where the creek overflowed,
And sketched out its veins.
Soltitude and serenity,
Ease all of my pain.

While the hot noon day sun,
In August doth shine.
My river yields not,
Neither Father time.

Intricate shades of vine,
From bamboo yielding high.
Streaks of crimson and blue,
Somewhere echoes a sky.

The gentle flow, the water,
All leaves, as one.
Moments frozen in time,
All troubles undone.

O' tender brown blades,
Swamp grass mingle and stir.
O' gentle river of mine,
How I love her.

Spirits flow with the waters,
Soar through the trees,
In my naked serenity,
Show me thy leaves.

Cleanse the darks that contain me,
Seal with wildwoods desire,
Sweet juniper swiftly breathe on me,
New passion and fire.

Wood ducks stir and they mingle,
To build their nest on watery sod.
Forever lives my Canoochee,
Among the Glory of God.

by Barry A. Lanier

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